Transform Your Online Presence With A Smart, New, Strategic Website

Our tried and tested Web Design strategies will drive more customers to your business, rank you high on Google, help you reach a larger audience and generate more positive reviews.


How Does It Work?

Discovery Call

Discovery Call

We discuss your pain points and learn more about your brand, business and future plans, before developing a personalized web design strategy for you.

We Build Your Website

Next, we build a custom new website, catering to your specific needs to help grow your business online. Once you are happy with your design, we’ll provide all the tools you’ll need before moving on to the next step.

We ensure your long term success

We Ensure Your Future Success

To make sure your business is successful and thriving in the long run, we offer monthly maintenance, SEO plans, as well as other optional services that can help take your online presence from great to spectacular.

Let Us Help You

Why Choose Us?

Issues our clients have reported before working with Webatomic Studios:

Feeling like they don’t reach the right customers

Having tried the DIY website design route but not being able to use correct applications of website design

Struggling to create content that successfully converts, or that users can connect with

Very low or no ranking on Google

Falling behind in competition due to lack of SEO optimized content

Poor online user experience driving customers away

Web Design principles not utilized correctly

Being burned by freelancers that are less focused on your brand, and more on numbers and completion rate

... and many more.

Issues our clients faced before working with us
What you get working with us

What you get working with us:

A custom designed website based on your chosen look and feel

Utilization of new web design technologies to stay up to date with web changes

Web hosting, security and maintenance

Ranking high on Google Searches, appearing on the first page

Improved organic traffic to your site and landing pages

Optimized user experience in each page

Fully responsive in all screen sizes

Effective content creation strategies

Increased brand awareness

Best SEO practices that scale your business

Built for long-term success:

We know it is not just a beautiful website that works, it is also your brand’s online trademark and reputation, that allows you to stand out and shine amongst a sea of competitors.

We approach your website based on your unique needs. Whether you want something that is semi-template based with a quick turnaround, or a custom-tailored design made from scratch just for you, we will work to give you the best experience possible. We both encourage and appreciate your input in the web design process.

As a rule, we obsess over understanding our clients’ brand and business, so we can deliver an experience that helps ensure your long term success! Because when you succeed, we succeed.

Built for long term success

Maybe you don’t need a new website, but customized strategies to improve your current one.

Our consultation services are here to guide you through that, and help discover all the ways in which you can break new ground with your online presence. 

We are here to help you gain professional insight, acquire technical understanding and discuss methodical strategies to significantly improve your current website.

Customized strategies to improve your current website


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you build your websites?

We build our websites on WordPress. It is the simplest and most popular website creation platform in existence today. In 2023, this platform powers over 43% of all websites on the internet, which accounts for an amazing 835 million websites.

Why do you use DIVI?

Although in the past, we have enjoyed building websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JS frameworks like React and other CSS libraries, we have realized that majority of our clients actually do not have an in-house developer, which causes major issues when it comes to code maintenance, troubleshooting, bug resolution and many other unforeseen complications that pop up later down the line, just like with any other website on the internet. They end up experiencing lack of control over their site due to not being able to read or write code, and hiring our services for the smallest fixes would become expensive for them.

So, we decided to switch to DIVI. DIVI not only allows us to handover the websites to our clients with much more ease, we are also able to do training calls and videos that are simple to follow along and maintain a smaller learning curve due to minimal usage of code. As a result, our clients report having more control over their website, are able to edit their content effortlessly, as well as fix tiny issues that pop up on the front-end. 

How can I find out about the website pricing?

There are many factors that play into how the pricing for a website is determined. The only way we can establish that is by learning about your business, brand, current web presence, future goals and any pain points that have brought you here. 

Best way for us to learn more about you, and generate a quote that will work best for you, is to schedule a discovery call with us.

What about SEO?

For new clients, we have SEO Boost Plan, which is all the foundational SEO setup and integration done to your website.

For continuing clients, who have already gone through the Boost Plan setup, we offer monthly SEO plans that can be a complete game changer for your website’s content, traffic, domain authority and visibility.

What if my budget is small and I don’t need a big website?

We absolutely get it! We happen to work with all types of clients, and have a range of pricing available. If you need a relatively small website, 5-8 pages, and have a small budget, we can definitely find a solution that would be comfortable for you. To learn more about our pricing, schedule a call with us!

What if I already have a DIVI website?

We have consultation services available for clients who want to make improvements to their current website instead of building a new one from scratch. You can find some of these services listed here.


After you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll send over a few questionnaires to gather all the information we’ll need to build a website for you.

Before we start working on the design, you want to double-check that you have all the images and copy ready for use, and perfectly resized for the web. If needed, we offer image resizing services to help optimize your media content.

If you have a team of creatives, you want to make sure they are aware of the deadlines by which the content needs to be provided, so any delays don’t cost extra.

Can I buy your monthly services without having a website built?

Yes, absolutely!

For our monthly maintenance services without a website build, there is an initial setup fee, since we need to integrate several tools, plugins and security mechanisms before we setup the monthly maintenance systemin in place. This fee is generally included in our website build service.

For SEO, we offer a Boost Plan for new clients. And monthly SEO Plans for continuing clients, who have already had the Boost Plan setup integrated.